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Memebox #69 Banila Co Unbloxing~!*

My memebox I ordered from September finally arrived today~!*

Banila Co. is a popular cosmetic brand in Korea but for some reason, I've never tried out their products.
After Memebox released the Banila Co box, It was a perfect opportunity to try out their brand.

It shipped out November 4th and arrived November 19th.
So it took 16 days to get here (from Korea to Florida).

Here are the contents inside of the box.
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Song of the week~*

So this week I saw a video that blew my mind.
The elements and the music completely swept me off my feet.
Literally I was crying at the end of this video.

The dance moves completely sold it for me.

But really, I do enjoy this song.
Its called Bounce and if you dig this style too, you can hear more from Deejayele on their soundcloud down below.

Concluding song of the week.


Tamagotchi Update~!*

 A little Tamagotchi update to show you guys how it looks like~!

Its such a pretty pastel purple it makes me cry.
Currently its a female ~!
Ill be posting another post on the things you can do with your tamagotchi~!*

But here is just a post of pictures~!

Soooooooo uhhhhh..... how do you blog again ?

Its definitely been a really long time since I tried to blog anything.
If there was a reason I didn't blog it was because I was just too lazy to do so. (Was totally my reason)
BUT THIS TIME IT WILL BE DIFFERNT ~! I will attempt to blog once again and hopefully it wont fail this time ~

This post will basically show what ill be reviewing in the near future.

  Kathy's List Of Things To Review

1) Tamagotchi P's 
           Now if you don't know what a Tamagotchi is, its a handheld virtual pet device. I grew up playing with them and if I remember correctly, I had at least 13. Owned two each, from the first version to the music star one except I had just one of the v4.5's. (I don't know why I had soo many) But now I have none. They are scattered all over the place and who knows where I put these super cute egg shaped toys at. After reminiscing I just thought, HEY why don't I just get another one!
Since then, they came out with two other versions in English but the ones produced in Japan are definitely a 100 times better. A major difference, for sure, would be that the Japanese one has color. The only down side is that, well, there's no English version which to me isn't much of a big problem.
What color do you like ?

2) Banila Co. Superbox
Memebox released a new superbox for Banila Co.
I always wanted to try out products from Banila Co. but I never had a chance to try out any of their products which is quite saddening. This box doesn't ship out until November 4th and that wont be until quite awhile so it'll take a bit of time until that box comes in.

3) GEO Cafe Mimi Macchiato Brown
My Bf got these pair of contacts for me <3.
They're the first pair of contacts that are brown that ill own.
The current picture is from Eki's blog to show you guys how they look.

4) The Maybe Items

Etude House 101 play Pencils

Skinfood Omaji whitening series

Fantastic Color Eyes Palette

Pictures here are items that im in the process of thinking I should get.
Quite some pictures here but if you tried them out and recommend them, please comment about them~

Thanks for reading

                                                                                                            Love, Kathy <3

                                                         Hey Everyone~!*
  So I managed to remember to take pictures awhile ago before I gobbled up everything LOL. It took my friends and I the longest time ever to eat everything I swear.
Funny thing is, I was suppose to post this the day after I ate but I guess I totally forgot about it and so it comes out NOW ! (Like a month later LOL)

Hmmm the only reason I was able to remember was my friend bringing it up cause I'm staying over to eat Thanksgiving with him. I would post up a pic of him but he hates cameras sigh. (Nigga knows he is kawaii as fuck) *shot*

Anywayyyy they welcomed me kindly as I crash at his house for a few days with his older brother. His brother even made me some pho. Damn son why you so good :<.

Should go marry this fellow already LOL. JK
I think that will be all for today unless something awesome and magical just happens over night and my whole life changes but yea that doesn't happen.

See you laterrr~!*


Hello there ~!*
As you guys can see this place is still pretty barren.

My name is Kathy and this is my blog !
For the most part I'll be writing down my thoughts on products I use and every day life experiences~!*
A heads up though, my grammar and punctuation is ridiculously terrible so I'm sorry you have to put up with this, LOL.

ANYWAYYYYYYYY, thanks for reading what I have so far.
First post will be short since I have to dash soon to get dim-sum yummmmmmmmmmmm.

Hopefully I can get some pictures up as well .

Catch you later ~!*

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